Category: sculptures


Object, 75х45х40cm., 2017


“AIDALA | museum of modern art | no entry”

Aidala means a deserted place; a boundless steppe; an uninhabited space; a forsaken, abandoned area. (Kazakh-Russian dictionary) There are various kinds of museums in Almaty, but there is…

Macondo may disappear, but it cannot change. A monument to the words of the Minister of Culture.

An installation tied to a tree, left to be eaten by ants (as well as by birds and squirrels). Experiment. Duration: 1 month Materials: Sugar, eggs, honey, water,…


Installation on a tree, 2015. Epoxy resin. Colonies of obviously man-made, but inanimate structures on a natural body-carrier may seem ornamental, but rather they resemble a colony of…